Get Your Breeches Ready, It Is Horse Riding Time!

Riding is not a pass-time activity for everybody. Some fear the height when they are on a real Thoroughbred and some find it difficult to manage the horse in the proper manner for a smooth ride. However, if you are thinking of taking horse riding up as a hobby or to learn it professionally, there are some things that you have to remember.

Finding a good stable

A good stable with properly trained horses wouldn’t be too hard to find. Once you visit the place check if it looks orderly and clean. That is, clean for a stable. It won’t be all nice smelling and straw-less but a good stable will be swept and horses will be clean. They will also be well fed and not exhausted, worn out or seem like they haven’t eaten in a while. Make sure you have relevant clothing to ride, if you are a girl this is the amazing riding pants womens are available in online shops and you can get it to the house itself by ordering online. Call ahead to ensure that the stables provide helmets and other gear. If not, you can also get them for yourself after consulting your trainer.

Importance of horse riding

Few consider horse riding as a proper sport unless you are engaging in it competitively. However “Jockeys” or horse riders are not big, well-built people. As the horse can run faster with a lighter weight on their back, it is advantageous to choose small-made people. Nevertheless, riding can make your whole body workout; sitting up straight and tall makes your back and legs work not to mention the abdominal muscles. You have to squeeze the animal to get the pace changed to a trot or a walk, for that you need to work the inner thighs. You will learn to make friends in the equestrian category and be patient until you learn how to ride right.

Dress right

You can takea sugar cube to give to the horse if the trainer allows it and a hat to cover your head from the sun. But this is not the only things you have to take. Especially if you are a rookie you won’t have an idea of what items are in need and what not. Always check with the riding school what you need to bring. Womens equestrian clothing can be found in many shops but check for their quality, if they are uncomfortable when worn, you will face a difficult situation. Shoes and helmets are a must. Check the stirrups and other gear before you get up on the horse too. Riding is an exciting way to have a hobby. Try it out sometime.